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Battery Management Systems

ARG3 Technology manufactures battery management systems for electric vehicles and industrial applications. Overcharging and overdischarging of rechargeable batteries can cause the life of the batteries to be reduced, damaged, even bursting and burning. In particular, battery management systems are needed to ensure that batteries are not damaged in a safe and stable manner, especially when multiple battery modules are connected in series and parallel. The battery management system is an integrated system that is subsequently added to the packed stage battery pack and controls external equipment such as contactors, fuses, current limiters, and climate control units.

ARG3 Technology also has the ability to make custom design BMS for applications other than its standard battery management systems. You can find basic information about the battery management system that is produced from the following link, you can contact us for more detailed information.

Voltion BMS Cluster
Voltion BMS, RS485
Voltiın Battery Management System
Voltion Li-Ion PCM
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